Bathmate Penis Pump How Does It Work

Sexual Problems Male sexual problems can occur at any time of life, but they become more common as men age. Sexual dysfunction can happen for either physical or psychological reasons. Understand the cause of the problem is vital to alleviate the condition. The Four Types Of Male Sexual Dysfunction The inability to sustain or maintain […]


A Ball Equipped With Cameras

A startup called Bounce Imaging has created an all-in-one camera ball which will help to scout dangerous locations. Just imagine, this camera ball could be sent to old buildings or suspect´s room for danger before going in. Would it not be a great tool in case of emergency? The name of the ball is the […]


Dropbox: 400 Million Registered Users

Dropbox has now reached 400 million registered users. Dropbox, cloud storage firm, was launched in 2007. The great number of users syncs 1.2 billion of files a day, creates over 100,000 new folders every hour and makes 4,000 edits every second. In order to improve the quality of the service, Dropbox updated its Android application […]


Haze Portable Vaporizer Product Review

Product Summary Being the first Haze Portable Vaporizer to be included in the 2015 Oscar gift bags, the product offers its new V2.5 version on the market. Its package includes one dual bowl haze vaporizer, a stainless steel mouthpiece, a glass mouthpiece, two pieces of conduction stainless steel and convection stainless steel screens, two oil […]


Putting Together the Best Ghillie Suit

A Ghillie suit is a camouflaged suit, worn primarily by snipers in a military sense, where an underlying coverall of flight suit is adorned with mesh, strips of burlap and other material where leaves, branches, colored cloth and other irregular items can be attached to form a shapeless mass which is virtually undetectable from the […]


Google And Agawi

From now on, you will not have to download your apps from Google Play in order to try them out. And why? Well, it is thanks to Agawi – an app streaming startup that Google acquired last year, but confirmed only recently. Howver, the hints of Agawi being bought by Google have been visible for […]