How To Make A Good Impression

Sure, we all want to make a good impression on people, right? Especially, if we are having an important meeting or a job inerview. Well, if you are scared and you think that you are not very good with making a good first impression, then you should check these tips on how to change that! […]


Things Women Care About

Do you know what the things that women care about in sex are? Do not worry, it is not the size. Actually, there are lots of things that women consider more improtant than that. Would you like to know more? Then read about them below! A clean room. And overall cleanliness. Your physical condition. Now […]

American actress Denise Galik sleeping with her hand on the face of American actor Walter Matthau (Walter John Matthow) in the film California Suite. USA, 1978. (Photo by Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

Are We Afraid Of Sex?

Of course we are! Well, we are scared at least before our first time with a certain person, right? It is just too stressful. You want to make the best of it, but what if it does not work out? What if something goes wrong, what if you are not good in bed, what if […]


Quit Facebook! Now!

You are probably asking yourself, completely confused, why? Why should I quit Facebook? Well, there are plenty of reasons. Although, we know that it might be difficult, however, if you have been thinking about quitting Facebook, then we believe that we will help you make the decision! First and most importantly, it wastes your time. […]


When Your Friend Is Grieving

It is not an easy task to be by your friend´s side when he is grieving, is it? Well, honestly, not each of us has the ability to actually say the right things to people who are in mental pain, right? The fact is that we can sometimes, although unintentionally be making it all worse, […]


Annoying Office Phrases

Sometimes it happens that the job you are doing, the job you once liked so much, becomes annoying. And there is nothing you can do about it. Well, only change your job. However, you have to be aware of one fact. The fact that every office is boring. No matter what. And these are the […]


When Not To Use Your Mobile Phone

Can you imagine living without your mobile phone? Probably not. We use smartphones basically all the time, and sometimes, we use them even when we should not. Which can cause some serious problems. Are you asking what problems we have on mind? Well, we mean relationship problems. Yes, smartphones can ruin your relationship, and if […]

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Things That Men Find Unappealing About Women

When you ask guys what they like about women, the answer will probably always be the same. Eyes, hair, lips, boobs, butt, etc. Well, men are simple. That is just the way it goes. However, when it comes to discussing the things that men are repelled by, it is much more complicated. However, according to […]