When Stress Destroys Your Career

The better we want to be, the more we have to work. And the more we try, the more stressed we actually feel. Isn’t it correct? How often do you feel exhausted at work because you could not sleep the previous night? And why did you find it impossible to finally have some rest? Well, […]


Hangouts Has Its Own Website

Hangouts will not longer be only available as an app on your smartphone. Now, you can enjoy it even on your laptop! Google created a special website for Hangouts which enables you to initiate audio or video calls and chat with your friends. The name of the website is hangouts.google.com and if you happen to […]


New Driver To Video Game Racing Team

Have you heard that professional drivers of Formula 1 use racing games in order to practise? Ain´t that crazy? Well, apparently these games offer a realistic description of motosport. So they are quite a good training tool. And Max Verstappen will join the team too. What you have probably not known is the fact that […]


Facebook´s New Tagging Feature

Facebook is always a few steps ahead in order to make the time of its users spent logged in much more enjoyable. It simply does everything just to ensure that your communication with your friends is flawless and that you are able to do anything you desire to on your account. And now it has […]


Will Google Put An End To Full-Page App Ads

Well, that would be a dream come true. You know that situation very well, probably. You simply click on a link of a 9gag post in order to see more funny stuff and then a full-page ad pops up, which offers you to download the app instead. Even though you do not have to. And […]


Windows 10 Will Have Hidden Screen Recorder

Windows 10 has again some surprise for the users. It seems that Microsoft is really doing the best they can with the hidden screen recorder which will capture the on-screen activities on Windows. This ability to record the on-screen activities only works with applications. You will also need some specific hardware modules in order to […]


News About Twitter

All the Twitter users, here is something that you might find interesting. Because even though you are all excited about the new tweets and everything, there is something you should be paying attention to. Before you post a tweet or two. And it is the security of your account. I know that you probably think […]